Why Such Anger Toward the SEC?

Jan 24, 2013 -- 7:03am

By Gary Brown

It really is an SEC hating world out there. If you don’t believe this is the case, all you have to do is look at the recent headlines from the world of college football and you will see just how true this is.

For example….

Then Oregon Coach Chip Kelly visits with several NFL teams about their head coach openings and after this brief flirtation with the pro league he comes back to Oregon and declares he is committed to the Ducks. Story over.

But wait, Kelly then decides that being the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is the best career path to take and off he goes.

Here is a real headline that followed this announcement:

Kelly Leaves Oregon as One of the Most-Respected Coaches in America

Now, imagine for just a moment if this was an SEC coach. Say, Nick Saban. The media would have been howling about what a liar Saban is and how he can never be trusted to keep his word.

Want proof? Think about how much ink was spent before the BCS title game recalling, incorrectly, the story of how Saban left Miami to take the reins at Alabama. Most of the articles were not complimentary.

Then there is this….

By now most of us have moved on from the Manti Te’o story and are starting to look forward to the Super Bowl. However, think how the press handled the whole Te’o story.

First, they went along with everything hook, line and sinker until that journalistic king Deadspin reported that the whole thing was made up.

So, how has the story been covered since we have learned of the catfish scheme? Well, it seems that the media wants to buy into the idea that Te’o, while being really gullible, was the victim of an elaborate hoax and bears no responsibility.

Here is a recent headline related to this story.

Te'o says he was Victim of Hoax... What is not to Believe?

This story, like so many others plays up the hoax element without also looking at the part where Te’o kept telling lies after the fact and Notre Dame knew he was not telling the truth.

Why did that high and honorable institution not come forward with the real story? Well, it seems they did not want to do anything to distract from the BCS championship game according to university officials.

So, Notre Dame, the highest and most honorable of NCAA institutions, allowed the media to be manipulated and lied to instead of being honest about the situation. Well, it seems to be a sound strategy so far as most media outlets are for the most part giving them and Te’o a pass.

What if an LSU player had the same experience? Think there would be an almost complete pass on integrity and dealing with the media? Doubtful. What we would hear is all about how the ‘big business” nature of SEC football trumps integrity and everything else. Of course, Irish football is just a small time player in the business of college football.

Why is there all the SEC hating in the media? The answer is pretty simple. Those seven straight crystal footballs are a real source of irritation for not only the other conferences, but also many members of the media that cover the games.

Imagine how dull it must be covering college football if your beat does not include the SEC.


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